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Spaceman (2024)

“Spaceman” (2024) is a captivating science fiction drama directed by Johan Renck, based on Jaroslav Kalfař’s novel “Spaceman of Bohemia.” The film stars Adam Sandler as Jakub Procházka, an astronaut sent on a pioneering solo mission to the edge of the solar system. Amidst the isolation of space, Jakub grapples with the disintegration of his marriage back on Earth. His journey takes a turn when he encounters Hanuš, voiced by Paul Dano, an extraterrestrial spider from the dawn of time, hidden aboard his spacecraft. This unlikely companion helps Jakub confront his life’s choices and the marriage he fears may not survive his return.

The plot unfolds as Jakub, battling the solitude of space, is forced to reckon with his past actions and their impact on his relationship with his wife, Lenka, portrayed by Carey Mulligan. The narrative delves into themes of love, redemption, and the human condition, all set against the backdrop of a breathtaking cosmic voyage. The film also features performances by Kunal Nayyar, Isabella Rossellini, and others, enriching the story with their diverse characters.


“Spaceman” premiered at the 74th Berlin International Film Festival and was released on Netflix on March 1, 2024, after being affected by the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike, which delayed its original release. Despite the film’s mixed reviews, with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 51% and a Metacritic score indicating “mixed or average” reviews, Sandler’s performance was highlighted for its depth and sensitivity. Critics have drawn parallels between “Spaceman” and other introspective space dramas, noting its blend of psychological depth with science fiction elements.

The film was primarily shot in New York City and the Czech Republic, bringing to life the novel’s intricate world through the lens of Johan Renck’s direction and Colby Day’s screenplay adaptation. With a score composed by Max Richter and a track featuring the American band Sparks, “Spaceman” offers a compelling auditory and visual experience that complements its introspective narrative.


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“Spaceman” (2024) is a poignant journey into the cosmos, blending the vast emptiness of space with the deep, introspective quest of its protagonist, Jakub Procházka, played by Adam Sandler. This science fiction drama, directed by Johan Renck and based on Jaroslav Kalfař’s novel, delves into themes of isolation, marital strain, and existential reflection, set against the backdrop of an ambitious solo mission to the edge of the solar system. The encounter with Hanuš, an extraterrestrial spider voiced by Paul Dano, serves as a catalyst for Jakub to confront his life’s decisions, particularly his faltering marriage to Lenka, portrayed by Carey Mulligan.


The narrative weaves a complex tapestry of human emotions and cosmic wonder, as Jakub grapples with the physical and psychological challenges of his journey. The film’s exploration of human vulnerability, the need for connection, and the search for meaning in the vastness of the universe strikes a chord with its audience. With supporting performances by Kunal Nayyar, Isabella Rossellini, and others, “Spaceman” offers a richly textured story that balances the scientific with the profoundly personal.

Despite receiving mixed reviews, with critics pointing out its uneven engagement with its more intriguing ideas, Sandler’s performance was noted for its depth, marking another notable entry in his growing list of dramatic roles. The film’s score by Max Richter, complemented by a collaborative track with Sparks, adds to its emotional and atmospheric depth. Premiering at the Berlin International Film Festival and later released on Netflix, “Spaceman” emerged as a thought-provoking piece that, while it may not have fully realized all its ambitious goals, provides a unique space for reflection on the human condition through the lens of space exploration.

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